Dreams of our Own
to Mar 22

Dreams of our Own

image “South of Heaven2” (bronze) by Richard Black

Opens 2nd Saturday 2/9/19

Featuring Artists: Richard Black - sculptures; Alison Ye - sculptures; John Krempel - paintings; Zsalto - paintings

Opening show Blacksmith demonstation by Jay Burnham-Kidwell

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Art Nouveau" show opens August 11, 2018
to Sep 28

Art Nouveau" show opens August 11, 2018

"The New Nouveau”

A group art show inspired by Art Nouveau. 

Also included in the show will be a Mucha original magazine cover, and two Mucha prints courtesy of Chuck Kovacic who owns the copyright to the Mucha art exhibited. Additionally, the prints will be available for reprinting

The show opens August 11, 2018

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