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Silent Auction

It all started when...

David Salvador, a then high school student, presented this wonderful painting as a parting gift to his art teacher Karen Nichols.

What is remarkable about David is that he was hired to work as an artist in the entertainment industry immediately upon graduation from high school.  His filmography includes work in the animation department doing character layout and storyboard development for The Simpsons, King of the Hill, and the Futurama TV series. He also worked in the animation department for the Simpsons Movie.

“Demon in Jeopardy” by David Salvador has been donated to Fe Gallery by Karen Nichols, who has great esteem for her former student. Through his art and her generosity, a current high school student will be supported as he/she continues exploring art. Proceeds from the silent auction of this painting are designated for a scholarship that will be awarded to a deserving high school senior in 2018. Award ceremony will take place at the opening reception of METAMORPHOSIS: High School Seniors Art Show on June 9, 2018.

Silent Auction begins 8/12/2017. Minimum opening bid at $350.00.

The “Buy now” price to stop the bidding process and assure acquisition of this artwork is set at $950.00.